Sports betting, including soccer betting, is a popular form of entertainment enjoyed by many people at online bookmakers. When you participate in soccer betting, you have various types of bets to choose from. One of these is Over/Under betting. So, what is Over/Under betting? Let's explore this type of bet and effective strategies with our expert insights.

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What is Over/Under Betting?
Over/Under betting in soccer is an attractive form of wagering that's well-liked by many players. This type of bet is also known by different names, such as handicap betting, Asian handicap, or spread betting.
Rules of Over/Under Betting
The rules of Over/Under betting are quite straightforward. In this type of bet, reputable bookmakers will split the two teams into the favored team (over) and the underdog team (under). The team that the bookmaker considers stronger will be on the over side.
Conversely, the team perceived as weaker will be on the under side. When betting, the favored team (over) will have to give a certain goal advantage to the opposing team. This goal advantage can vary depending on the relative strengths of the two teams.
Timing of Over/Under Betting
Over/Under betting is one of the three main types of soccer betting. Therefore, like other types of bets, Over/Under betting has two time frames for placing bets, including the first half and the second half of the match. However, some bookmakers allow players to place bets even during the second half of the match.

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Example of Over/Under Betting
To help you better understand the rules and calculation of Over/Under bets, let's follow an example:
In the example below, I will use the odds for the match between Sweden and Slovakia in the Euro 2020. The Over/Under bet I'm choosing is the full match handicap bet. The odds provided by the bookmaker for this type of bet are that Sweden will give Slovakia a 0.5 goal handicap. The corresponding odds for each outcome are as follows:
Sweden: Payout odds 0.94
Slovakia: Payout odds 1.02
Scenario 1: After the official 90 minutes of play, the Sweden national team wins regardless of the number of goals. If I bet on Sweden, I win the entire wager. This means that if I bet $100 on Sweden, I win $94. The total amount I receive after the match ends is $194, including both the payout and the stake. Conversely, if a player chooses Slovakia, they will lose the bet.
Scenario 2: The Sweden national team draws or loses to the opponent. If I bet on Sweden in this case, I lose the entire wager. However, if I bet on Slovakia, I win the bet.
Various Handicap Odds in Over/Under Betting:
Level Handicap
Handicap -0.25
Handicap -0.5
Handicap -0.75
Handicap -n (where n is a positive integer)
Tips for Successful Over/Under Betting
Over/Under betting can be considered a relatively straightforward form of wagering. However, to excel in this type of betting, you should have a good understanding of soccer and the sport in general. Before placing bets, consider the following factors:
Past head-to-head records between the two teams
Form shown by both teams before the match
Team news, strategies, and tactics planned by the coaches
Skill-level disparity between the two teams
Percentage of successful Over/Under bets in the past

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In this article, I've provided you with a detailed guide on how to play Over/Under betting. This information should help you better understand this type of bet and develop effective strategies for Over/Under betting. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you. Best of luck with your bets!