The European Handicap, also known as 1x2 betting, is one of the three most popular types of football bets at online bookmakers. Understanding European Handicap odds is relatively straightforward. You simply assess the odds and make a decision on which team will win, which team will lose, and what your choice is.
Let's delve into the precise details of 1x2 betting from the experts in the field.

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What is the European Handicap?
The European Handicap is a common type of sports betting used in Europe and Asia. The 1x2 European Handicap odds are the rates bookmakers use to determine which team is stronger and which is weaker. These odds come in three options: Win, Lose, or Draw. Players can choose to bet on their favorite team.
The general rule of the game remains to accurately predict to win money from the bookmakers or lose your stake if you are wrong. This type of betting is often fluid, demanding keen observation, quick thinking, and various skills to make the most ideal predictions.
According to players' observations, this betting type is much simpler than Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets because it doesn't require intricate calculations. Especially when two teams have a significant gap in strength, the odds for the European Handicap will have a substantial difference, making it easy to predict the winning team.
With this betting format, players can relax their minds and not be preoccupied with predicting the exact score of the match or calculating the probability of specific score outcomes. You only need to bet on one of the three outcomes: win, draw, or lose. This type of betting generates strong appeal in online bookmakers, attracting a large and enthusiastic player base.
In an overall assessment, European Handicap is much easier to play than other types of betting. Apart from luck, players need to delve into various factors about the teams, such as head-to-head history, recent performance, team issues, and player injuries, to make the most accurate predictions.

Basic Types of European Handicap Bets
However, you don't always have just one option of predicting the entire match outcome in 1x2 bets. Bookmakers also offer various other options such as:
FT: Predicting the final result of the whole match.
HT: Predicting the result of the first half.
Understanding Odds
Odds are essentially the payout ratios that players receive when participating in 1x2 betting. These odds are continually fluctuating and are only locked in once the bet is successfully placed.

Pros and Cons of 1x2 Betting
Let's go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of 1x2 betting:
Advantages of 1x2 Betting:
Simplicity: 1x2 betting is straightforward. You just need to choose one of three outcomes to secure a win.
Widespread Availability: It's a highly popular type of bet offered by most bookmakers.
Up-to-Date Odds: The odds are updated quickly and accurately.
Ease of Placing Bets: Placing bets is straightforward and fast.
Beginner-Friendly: Even new players can quickly become familiar with this type of betting.
High Payout Ratios: The potential payouts for correct predictions can be significant.

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Disadvantages of 1x2 Betting:
Low Winning Probability: The probability of winning for each outcome is only 33.33%, resulting in relatively low player win rates.
Low Odds for Mismatched Matches: In games where there's a significant difference in team strengths, the odds for the stronger team can be relatively low.
No Partial Refunds: In European Handicap betting, you either win or lose your stake, with no possibility of a partial refund.
Understanding 1x2 Betting Odds
In 1x2 betting, you have three options to choose from: Win (1), Draw (X), and Lose (2). Consequently, the chances of winning are higher in this type of bet compared to other types.
The Meaning of the 1x2 Symbols
1x2 is a common symbol you'll encounter when searching for European Handicap bets. It represents the three possible betting options, each corresponding to a potential match outcome:
1: The home team wins.
X: The match ends in a draw.
2: The away team wins.
The formula for calculating your winnings is simple:
Winnings=Your Stake x Betting Odds (provided by the bookmaker)
Distinguishing European Handicap from Asian Handicap
Many seasoned bettors wonder how European Handicap differs from Asian Handicap, as not understanding these distinctions can lead to betting mistakes. According to professional gamblers, Asian Handicap is somewhat simpler than European Handicap. The most significant difference lies in how the odds are interpreted. Here's a concrete example illustrating the variance in odds between the European and Asian Handicaps:
Example: Both European and Asian Handicaps have the same odds of 2.09.
In European Handicap:
A 2.09 odds can be understood as a bet on team A to win the entire match. If team A wins, you win the bet, and a 100-unit stake would yield 209 units, including your original stake (100 units) and a profit of 109 units. If you lose the bet, you lose your entire 100-unit stake.
In Asian Handicap:
You can opt for a draw-no-bet, a handicap of 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and so on. If the result on the upper-handicap side wins by a significant margin or equals the handicap you've selected, you win with odds of 2.09. In this case, you'd receive 209 units, which includes your initial 100-unit stake and a profit of 109 units. If the result equals the handicap, you still win half of your stake, which would be 155 units (100 units of your original stake and 55 units in profit). In the event of a loss, you only lose 1.50, amounting to 48 units of your wager.
While Asian Handicap may initially appear more complex than European Handicap, the odds of winning for players are somewhat higher.

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In summary, European Handicap is a straightforward betting type suitable for the majority of players, whether they are beginners or experienced bettors. Its popularity is continuously growing, and the high chances of winning make it an attractive option for those seeking to make money through betting. I hope this article has provided you with a clear understanding of 1x2 betting. Thank you for reading, and best of luck with your betting endeavors.