Online football betting with various types of odds is likely familiar to many betting enthusiasts, and the 1 3/4 goal total bet is one of the most popular goal total bets today. Bookmakers provide highly attractive odds for players, and in this article, Wintips will introduce and share with you some highly effective tips for analyzing 1 3/4 goal total bets.

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What is the concept of the 1 3/4 goal total bet?
The 1 3/4 goal total bet, like other goal total bets such as 0.5/1 or 1 1/4, uses the total number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match to determine the outcome.
Depending on the individual and the location, the 1 3/4 goal total bet may have various names, such as 1.5/2 goal total, 1.75 goal total, or 1 3/4 goal total. The notation 1.5/2 is the most common and is often used in the odds tables of bookmakers, and we can still understand it as the 1 3/4 goal total bet.
In other words, it's easier to visualize as follows: a 1 3/4 goal total bet is larger than a 1.5 goal total bet and smaller than a 2 goal total bet.
Rules for determining the outcome of the 1 3/4 goal total bet:
Calculating the result of the 1 3/4 goal total bet is straightforward and easy to understand.
Case 1: If the final result of the match has a total of 3 goals or more (for example, scores like 3-0, 0-3, 3-1, 4-0...), then those who chose the Over option will win, while those who chose the Under option will lose.
Case 2: If the final result of the match has a total of 2 goals (for example, scores like 1-1, 2-0, 0-2), then those who chose the Over option will win half the amount, and those who chose the Under option will lose half the amount.
Case 3: If the final result of the match has a total of fewer than 2 goals (for example, scores like 0-0, 1-0, 0-1), then those who chose the Over option will lose, and those who chose the Under option will win.

How to bet on Over/Under in soccer?
In soccer betting, Over/Under betting is used a lot. The most common way to play is to bet on the total number of goals in a match.
For example, if the final score of the match is 1-1, the total goals are 2, or the final score is 1-3, the total goals are 4. With Over/Under bets, you do not need to pay attention to which team. Score goals, only bet on whether the total number of goals at the end of the match is higher or lower than the number given by the betting site before the match.
Or it can be simply understood that if you think that the match is unlikely to have many goals scored then bet under. On the contrary, betting over means you believe that many goals will be scored.

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Masterful Tips for Analyzing 1 3/4 Over-Under Betting – Incredibly Effective
At first glance, over-under betting, specifically at 1.75 odds, may appear relatively simple to play. However, in reality, with a 1.75 odds ratio for a single half, you'll need to be vigilant and cautious when choosing whether to place an over (tài) or under (xỉu) bet. As a newcomer, it's natural to have concerns, and many seasoned bettors consider this a challenging venture. Hence, experienced bookmakers will unveil some invaluable insights when analyzing the 1 3/4 over-under bets:
Careful Match Selection
Many players often overlook the importance of selecting the right matches, assuming that any game will suffice. This is a misconception, as the initial step in winning any bet is to choose a game you're familiar with and believe has the potential to generate a 1 3/4 outcome.
Pre-match Analysis
Before placing any bets, it's crucial to gather detailed information about the match, including team lineups, player availability, and past performance. This isn't merely extraneous data; it significantly influences the match's result and, consequently, your betting choices. Investing time in thorough research and analysis is essential for making accurate predictions.
Avoid Overconfidence
The majority of bettors tend to favor over bets due to their higher payout potential. However, football is an unpredictable sport, and top strikers may not always perform as expected, making over bets a risky proposition.
Monitor Odds Fluctuations
Experienced bettors advise that if the odds for the favored team suddenly drop, it might be wise to switch to the underdog. Similarly, if the odds remain stable but there's a substantial difference in the teams' offensive capabilities, consider betting on the team with the stronger attack.
Seek Advice and Learn from Forums
Seeking reliable information from betting forums is never superfluous. Humans are prone to errors, and at times, you may be unsure about your betting decisions. Learning from the experiences of others can provide valuable insights. Most bookmakers have their own community forums where newcomers and seasoned bettors can exchange tactics and strategies.

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It's undeniable that 1 3/4 over-under betting is the most appealing and exciting form of over-under betting in online football betting. The popularity of this betting type at reputable sportsbooks is unrivaled. Register now to gain experience and insights into 1 3/4 over-under betting and start enjoying the excitement it brings!