The Olyroos dug deep to stay in the Babe Ruth Jersey tournament but lacked firepower in front of goal going down 1-0 to the Ivory Coast through Chelsea striker Salomon Kalou.The Olyroos made 3 changes to their line up before the Group A encounter with the injured Archie Thompson out for Mark Bridge plus two tactical changes to the midfield with James Troisi and Neil Kilkenny out for Kristian Sarkies and Bill Celeski.The match began with the Olyroos in a 4-2-3-1 formation with the Ivory Coast in a 4-4-2 formation. The Olyroos controlled the first 15 minutes of the game with the Ivory Coast barely getting a touch just sitting back and defending.This type of play created a great opportunity for David Carney who got into an excellent position making a brilliant run into the 18 yard box only to have his shot foiled by Angoua Benjamin running acro s the goal line and knocking the ball out of play.Ivory Coast started to get on top of the game and create chances but could not produce in the first half.Both teams fired up for the second half with the Ivory Coast getting some good early chances with the Olyroos getting some opportunities from set pieces.The game continued and as it Luis Severino Jersey went on the Olyroos started to look more and more like previous games with poor defensive clearances that just gifted the ball back to an Ivory Coast team that was just sitting back.As the game wore on chances started to be created by the Ivory Coast with Federici having to tap a long range effort over the bar from Angoua Benjami and Kalou troubling from all angles somehow mi sing a shot from around the penalty spot.The Olyroos only major chance in this period was a Phil Rizzuto Jersey Celeski header which went straight to the goalkeeper.The Olyroos defence got poorer and poorer just handing the ball over on the 18 yard box and failing to tackle this resulted in the ultimate punishment a goal. The Ivory Coast attacked with 2 defenders failing to tackle the ball was pa sed to Kalou on the edge of the 18 yard box with his marker all over the place he cruised into the penalty spot and buried the ball into the top corner the keeper was no chance.The game was pretty much done and dusted but the Olyroos did have some good build up play but couldnt put in the final pa s to get the shot way the end result a 1-0 win to the Ivory Coast.Argentina and Ivory Coast progre s from Group A to be part of the quarterfinals.The match was played at Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium which has seen 11 games in 7 days and Greg Bird Jersey was starting to look like a cow paddock. The attendance was 50,500.The game was broadcast on SBS the real football broadcasters which put a refreshing edge to a le s than world-cla s tournament. TeamsIvory Coast Australia1 Vincent de Paul Angban 1 Adam Federici2 Serge Wawa 2 Jade North3 Ousmane Masahiro Tanaka Jersey Diarra souba 4 Mark Milligan4 Souleymane Bamba 5 Matthew Spiranovic5 Angoua Benjamin 12 Trent McClenahan12 Bagayoko Mamadou 8 Stuart Musialik10 Emmanuel Kone 11 David Carney9 Franck Djadjedje 16 Billy Celeski8 Salomon Kalou 15 Kristian Sarkies14 Yao Koua si Gervinho 9 Mark Bridge18 Sekou Ci se 17 Nikita Rukavytsya Substitutes16 Christian Okua Tando Velaphi 1815 Tamla Mekeme Adrian Leijer 36 Herve Kambou Nikolai Topor-Stanley 67 Kafoumba Coulibaly Neil Kilkenny 711 Anthony Moura Komenan James Troisi 1413 Guie Gneki Abraham Ruben Zadkovich 1317 Antoine NGo san Matt Simon 21 Substitutions Ruben Zadkovich for Nikita Rukavytsya (73) Nikolai Topor-Stanley for Mark Milligan (86) James Troisi for Billy Celeski (73)Yellow Cards Emmanuel Kone (46)Stuart Musialik (75)