The NFL prohibits the use of electronic devices on the sideline during games, and the league seems to be cracking down on that policy as of recently. , the NFL Jonas Brodin Jersey sent a memo to teams on Dec. 2 to remind them of the rule and revealed that they have "observed several electronic device policy violations this season.""As a result, clubs have been fined the minimum amount of $50,000, and players have been fined the minimum amount of $5,305," the NFL explained in the memo. "Clubs are strongly encouraged to put pregame proce ses in place to ensure compliance. This should include verifying that each individual with bench area, locker room, and coaches' booth acce s are not wearing or po se sing a prohibited electronic device (e.g., cell phone, Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.) at kickoff."The rule goes for players and coaches. Football operations staff and team medical personnel are allowed to have cell phones to perform their duties but there are rules about how they can use them. Those who are allowed to carry cellphones must "step out of the coaches booth or away Ryan Suter Jersey from the bench area to use their cell phone."Wearable devices such as smartwatches -- which are capable of discretely showing me sages -- are also not permitted in the bench area or the coaches booth because the goal of the electronics policy is to prevent communication of inside information that could potentially be used to affect strategy during a game.Electronic devices rules and medical information concerns go hand in hand. Erik Haula Jersey Per report, the NFL has representatives at games studying sidelines for potential violations because the league is "terrified" of the po sibility of medical personnel distributing real-time medical information during games. On Dec. 2, the league also reminded teams about the consequences of faking injuries. Earlier this month, Florio wrote that, according to a source, -- two of those happening on Week 13 involving the and defensive end Cam Jordan, as well as the and safety Je sie Bates."Any deliberate attempt by Darcy Kuemper Jersey a team and/or player to stop play unnece sarily; prolong or delay the proce s; improperly take advantage of a stoppage in play; or influence the actions of an ATC Spotter will be' considered an 'unfair act' and may result in discipline, in addition to any on-field penalty a se sed by the Game Officials," reads the memo."Clubs and players are advised that, should the League office determine that there is reasonable cause, all those suspected of being involved in faking injuries will be interviewed and medical records will be reviewed." The minimum fines for faking an injury are $350,000 for the club, Alex Stalock Jersey $100,000 for the head coach, $50,000 for a sistant coaches and $50,000 for players. Violations can also result in suspensions and teams having to forfeit draft picks, even when it comes to first offenses.