The handicap draw bet, also known as the level ball bet, is a familiar wager that many people choose when participating in Asian handicap betting in football. However, for newcomers, information about this type of bet is still somewhat unclear. They haven't fully understood what the handicap draw bet is and how to play this type of bet. The following football tips for beginners from Wintips will help you grasp it comprehensively.

Understanding what the handicap draw bet is?
The handicap draw bet, also known as the level ball bet, is applied by reputable bookmakers when two teams participating in a match are evenly matched in strength. Many experts consider this football bet very appealing due to its relatively high winning odds. It's one of the popular football bets in Asia with simple rules that even beginners can enjoy. Even as a newcomer, you can comfortably choose and perform well in this type of bet.
This type of bet appears in many major domestic and international tournaments. People will immerse themselves in the dramatic and suspenseful atmosphere of the match when participating in this type of betting. However, not every football match has a level ball bet. The most common scenarios where this type of bet appears include:
Two participating teams have equal abilities, with neither team stronger than the other and the quality of their squads evenly matched.
There's a team with good strength but has been inconsistent recently, so the bookmaker reduces the odds to 0, not favoring the team that's considered weaker.
In the match between two teams, one is the home team and has the advantage of playing at home. If this advantage exists but the team is still considered weaker, a level ball bet is still set.
Based on recent head-to-head history and football form, bookmakers may reduce the odds from 0.25 to 0. The purpose of the bookmaker is to balance the betting odds to avoid significant discrepancies.
How to play the handicap draw bet?
By now, everyone should have a basic understanding of the meaning of the handicap draw bet and its relatively simple gameplay. Players only need to understand how to read the odds and prepare their betting amount. People will be interested in the numbers that the bookmaker presents to read the odds.
The first number is the handicap figure that the bookmaker sets, and the number following it represents the percentage of winnings for both sides of the bet. When participating, players only need to choose the handicap draw bet, place their bets within the limit, select the side to bet on, and wait for the result.
For example, the bookmaker you're betting with offers handicap draw odds for the match between Italy and England as 0 1.5/1.8. Here's how to interpret the numbers in the betting table:
0: The 0 represents the handicap for both teams, and the handicap odds here are 0.
1.5: This number indicates the percentage of the winnings that players will receive if the England team wins.
1.8: The number 1.8 represents the percentage of winnings that players will receive if Italy wins.
Specifically, if you bet on England, the payout when winning is 2 million dong. The final outcome if England wins, the player will receive the winning payout is 2 x 1.5=3 million dong. If England loses, the player will lose all the bet amount. The outcome is similar if you choose to bet on the other team.

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Tips for Playing Draw Handicap to Increase Winning Odds
When participating in draw handicap betting, the more you understand about the bookmaker's odds, the teams involved, and the specifics of the match, the higher your chances of winning. Luck is important but not the sole determinant of victory. Therefore, you should seek additional betting experience from seasoned individuals. Here are some tips shared by Wintips.
Choose the betting side when knowing the head-to-head history:
When analyzing draw handicap bets, you should be familiar with the relative strengths of the two teams. Specifically, you should research the capabilities of each team, which players are stronger, and the historical head-to-head matchups to see which team has the edge. In head-to-head history, the team that has won more should be considered for betting on.
In this level handicap, since there is no handicap ratio, you only need to study and feel which team has a higher chance of winning to make your choice. You don't need to be concerned about the odds.
Place bets based on the current form of the team:
You should research the recent form of the teams. Then, you can predict their likelihood of winning the match. Also, observe their tactics, playing style on the field, lineup arrangements, and whether any key players are injured. This information is crucial for evaluating the chances of winning the match. Additionally, consider which team has a better attacking line or defensive advantage that is difficult to break.
Avoid placing bets too early:
Many experts in the sports betting world advise against placing bets too early. It's wiser to wait about 15 minutes into the match to assess the abilities, form, and playing style of each team. Then, when betting, the accuracy of predicting the actual match outcome is quite high.
Consider choosing the home team:
For a match where two teams are evenly matched and there's no clear superiority, the team with more advantages is likely to win. One of the main advantages is playing at home. Players understand the field very well, their weaknesses, and how to easily penetrate the opponent's defense. You can bet on the home team to increase your chances of winning the match.
Choose a reputable bookmaker to play with:
One of the things that sports bettors should pay attention to is selecting the top bookmaker for placing bets. A reliable bookmaker has clear rules, provides publicly available information on their website, and importantly, pays out winnings fairly. If you play at a bookmaker with many tricks and schemes, you may lose money unnecessarily.
Note on capital allocation when playing:
We can understand that sports betting is a way to relax and entertain for sports fans or those who want to get rich through this form of betting. However, if you play recklessly, betting all your capital, the risk of loss cannot be avoided. Therefore, besides thoroughly preparing knowledge about the team you want to bet on, it's necessary to allocate capital reasonably. Divide your betting capital into smaller portions to participate and set a limit to stop when winning or losing.

Through the insights in the article above, hopefully Wintips has helped you understand soccer tips sites what draw handicap betting is and how to play effectively. This is one of the most interesting types of betting with high odds of winning. So don't forget to thoroughly research the analyses provided to encounter more luck when betting.