Corner kick betting has become a favorite among football enthusiasts, offering an exciting dimension to sports wagering. However, achieving success in this form of betting requires effective strategies. For newcomers venturing into this domain, the lack of experience can make betting a relatively competitive endeavor. Therefore, aims to share expert insights on consistently winning corner kick bets. Let's delve into the world of corner kick betting together.

Understanding Corner Kick Betting

What is Corner Kick Betting?

Corner kick betting, also known as corner bet or corners, is a novel form of online football betting. Participants in this type of wagering don't need to focus on match scores or team outcomes. Instead, the sole factor of interest is the number of corner kicks in the game they are betting on. Factors such as which team takes the first corner kick or the overall corner kick count are pivotal in corner kick betting.

Types of Corner Kick Bets

Various Types of Corner Kick Bets

While corner kick bets are considered secondary wagers by bookmakers, they still offer a wide array of options for players. Let's evaluate the common types of corner kick bets available today.

Total Corners Over/Under

Total Corners Over/Under, also known as Total Corners Two-Way O/U or Over/Under, is determined by the total number of corner kicks in the entire match. Similar to other over/under football bets, players must wager based on the odds set by the top 5 betting sites.

Handicap Corner Kicks

Bookmakers offer Handicap Corner Kicks with varying odds based on match attributes, tournament dynamics, and team characteristics. In this type of wagering, players simply select the team with the handicap or the team receiving the handicap. The betting outcome is determined by the total number of corner kicks by both teams and the handicap odds.

1x2 Corner Kicks

1x2 Corner Kicks betting typically involves three betting options: win, draw, or lose. Each bookmaker offers different odds for this type of wagering, resembling the European handicap betting format.

Odd/Even Corner Kicks

In Odd/Even corner kick betting, players predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will be odd or even. The betting outcome is determined by the final count of corner kicks being either odd or even.

First/Last/Next Corner Kick

First Corner Kick, Last Corner Kick, and Next Corner Kick bets involve predicting which team will take the first, last, or next corner kick during the match, respectively.

No Corner Kick

Some prominent betting site aus offer odds on the possibility of no corner kicks occurring during the match. While the potential winnings for this bet are high, it is also the most challenging to win due to the rarity of matches without corner kicks.

Expert Strategies for Corner Kick Betting

Accurate Corner Kick Betting Strategies

Achieving accuracy in corner kick betting requires a blend of experience and expertise. Here are some expert strategies shared by seasoned bettors:

Analyze each team's characteristics thoroughly, including playing style, form, tactics, and offensive/defensive capabilities. Stronger teams often earn more corner kicks.

Place bets early in the match when players' energy levels are high, and attacking opportunities are frequent. The first corner kick typically favors the stronger team, while the last corner kick is often taken by the team pressing for a goal.

Matches tend to have fewer goals in the first half and become more intense in the second half, leading to an increase in corner kick opportunities.

Consider the nature of the tournament and the match itself. Teams aiming for a goal or needing to secure a win tend to generate more corner kicks.


In conclusion, corner kick betting offers a unique and thrilling dimension to football wagering. By employing effective strategies and leveraging expert insights, players can enhance their chances of success in this form of betting. With Vaobo's comprehensive guide and expert tips, participants can gain a deeper understanding of corner kick betting and make more informed betting decisions. Visit Vaobo's website for additional valuable football knowledge and resources.