As EA FC 24's Ultimate Team mode received mixed reviews, there is clear room for improvement in the upcoming FC 25 Coins. As we approach the release of the new game, here are five key changes that could enhance the Ultimate Team experience:

Collection Book: The introduction of a "Collection Book" feature in EA FC 25 could be transformative. This would allow players to store their duplicate items, creating a comprehensive library of all collected cards. Players could view stats, chemistry, and even exchange duplicates for valuable rewards like coins, packs, or special player items. This would not only reduce clutter, but also give players a greater sense of progression and accomplishment as they fill out their collection.

Icon Managers: The handling of icons and legends could use some improvement. Currently, they are treated like regular players, with individual chemistry links and stats. In EA FC 25, allowing players to unlock "Icon Managers" - special cards that provide unique chemistry boosts and abilities to icons in their squad - would add more depth and strategy to building teams around these legendary players.

Infinite Rewards: The introduction of an "Infinite Rewards" system in EA FC 25 could keep players engaged for longer. This could take the form of a weekly or daily challenge system, where players can earn coins, packs, or even special player items for accomplishing in-game milestones like matches played, goals scored, or other achievements. This would give players a constant sense of progression and motivation to continue playing.

Rewards for Completing Matches: Implementing a system in EA FC 25 where players are rewarded for finishing matches, even if they end in a draw, could improve the overall experience. This could involve a small reward, such as a pack or coins, for every completed match. Additionally, penalizing players who quit a match before it's over, perhaps with a temporary matchmaking ban or reduced rewards, would encourage players to stick with their games and provide a more enjoyable experience.

Ultimate Evolution Card: The addition of a single, ultimate end-game Evolution card that players can work towards in EA FC 25 could be a compelling long-term goal. This card could be the culmination of all the Evolutions in the game, combining the best attributes and abilities of multiple players into a single, super-powered card. Unlocking and upgrading this card would require a significant investment of time and resources, but the payoff would be a truly unique and powerful card that sets the player apart from the rest of the Ultimate Team community.

By addressing the pain points of EA FC 24 and incorporating these innovative features, the Ultimate Team mode in EA FC 25 could become the best version yet, providing players with buy FIFA 25 Coins a more engaging and rewarding experience.